The right message for the right audience

Often it can seem like no one cares about your message, and chances are, they don't. That's when BMA Media Group comes to the rescue. We create advertising campaigns that build brand awareness, strengthen your place in the market, and drive your target customers to take action.

From print ads to pay per click (PPC) and radio to TV, our staff is ready to help your building trades union take its message to the public. With years of advertising experience, we work with our clients to powerfully communicate your message to your target audience.

Every advertising project we implement is the product of our people and their extensive knowledge of the union construction industry. From strategists and content creators to our web designers and video producers, the strengths of all our departments come together to craft the right message for your campaign.

When we create style guides, we include many brand elements, including: 

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Headlines
  • Logo variations
  • Imagery 
  • Page Style