Ongoing relationship with Union expands member communication opportunities

In an area that is rapidly growing, such as Austin, Texas, a multi-year construction boom has created great opportunities for the members of IBEW Local 520.

As demand for the best electricians in central Texas grew, filling open-jobs became IBEW 520’s main priority, which led them to reach out to LaborTools powered by BMA Media Group for assistance.
After developing a comprehensive recruitment plan the first order of business -- redesigning their union website -- became clear.

A modernized website addressed a number of priorities for the Local, including providing easy to find and useful information about the union for potential members, as well as an easy way to share contact information so union organizers can connect. it will also serve as a may of communication for the membership.

BMA Media Group is working to provide IBEW Local 520 with numerous other marketing and communication needs, addressing items following a set priority list.

Union website redesign includes new logo, brand, video and member images

Beyond recruitment, the redesigned website addressed other needs:

  • Improved functionality on mobile devices.
  • Improved site security.
  • Display more images of Local Members and promotion of completed projects.
  • Content to improve site credibility and search optimization.

With input from a Local 520 committee and the help of BMA Media’s graphic design professionals, a new logo was created that shared elements of both the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the city of Austin. The logo then became the basis for a complete brand and style guide for Local 520.

Union website - IBEW Local 520

To further develop the Local 520 brand, BMA Media’s award winning video team helped create an identity video highlighting completed work and the real members of IBEW 520. 

BMA Media’s Communication Team created the video script (approved by IBEW Local 520) to promote the highly skilled members of Local 520, their commitment to their trade and safety on jobsites, as well as their active roles as members of local central Texas communities.

Extensive bilingual features critical for union website

With the launch of IBEW Local 520’s new website, the Local was able to provide members with critical information, an easy to follow events calendar and regular updates and announcements. 

This will include all membership, as IBEW 520 membership is diverse.

With a diverse membership, Local 520 made it a priority that member-focused content was provided in both English and Spanish.  

BMA Media Group worked with the union to translate all content on the website, including a feature that switches any page from English and Spanish with the click of a button. This was not only critical to communicating with membership, but also important for recruitment. 

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Laura Ziemianski

Written by Laura Ziemianski