When you’re in a time of crisis, communication can suffer, fade out or simply become unclear. A well developed and regularly updated crisis communication plan can ensure that your organization can respond properly.

We know you want to protect your organization as well as your members, and for that very reason, it can be hard to respond and react in an appropriate manner. At BMA Media Group, we want to help, but we know it’s not easy to plan for every event. With the proper plan and tools, we can help you approach a crisis of any size. Here are some steps organizations should consider when facing a crisis:

  1. Quick response: During a time of crisis, you need to respond quickly. With social media, and 24-7 news cycle, the situation can escalate quickly. You need to control the message.
  2. Review your plan: Approaching a sensitive topic that is receiving public scrutiny can get worse without a plan. Because a crisis can come at any time, a plan can save time.
  3. Assemble your communication’s team: Gather your team and ensure everyone knows their role before approaching the crisis on a larger level.
  4. Communicate with your members: Alleviate any immediate questions or what’s on the top of your members' minds. They should know what’s going on in your organization, prior to the public, and how they can help.

If you’re interested in learning more about the services BMA Media Group can provide for your organization, especially during a time of urgency, contact us today.

Topics: Crisis Management

Colleen Langham

Written by Colleen Langham