In the modern age of digital communication, how important is it for your organization to have a strong voice on social media? Can you effectively reach your target audience? 

These are the kind of questions that may be hard to answer, or worse, may just lead you to more questions. 

The BMA Media Group has a staff of professionals with experience in running social media campaigns, specifically, as it relates to the union construction industry.

When we refer to a Local union’s social media accounts, we are not suggesting the creation of a social media presence like Wendy’s or the Kardashians use -- with thousands (or millions!) of followers. You probably don’t need to post dozens of times a day on multiple platforms. That can lead to a lot of wasted energy spreading your message to the wrong audience.

From Facebook to Twitter, and all the other social media platforms in between, BMA has experience creating and executing social media campaigns. We can even help identify the best social media platforms for your needs. (Hint: You probably don’t need to join every social media platform.)

What is your purpose for being on social media?

Before you do anything on social media, we believe it is a good idea to think about why you want to be on these communication platforms. Do you want to:

  • Communicate with your membership
  • Recruit apprentices or experienced tradespeople
  • Politically endorse candidates or discuss important construction issues 

Once your purpose is established, BMA will have a clearer vision for your organization’s social media campaign needs. 

Finding the right voice

Just as critical as establishing your purpose is also finding the appropriate voice to reach your target audience. Then, create content, keeping that purpose in mind. 

BMA can provide training, focusing on best practices for social media marketing. Or, our experienced marketing professionals can handle the scheduling, posting, content creation and interacting, for you! 

Keep Growing

Now, after you have established a purpose, created the appropriate social media platforms, now what?

Social media should be an ongoing journey, as your message and goals may change. Part of this involves establishing an audience, then growing your audience. 

Take a look around our website, and when you’re ready to partner with BMA to help you produce and circulate high-quality social media and other inbound marketing techniques we provided, reach out to us.

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Colleen Langham

Written by Colleen Langham