Through social distancing, BMA Media Group’s video production team creates workable environment

It might be a surprise to some people since post production work for video projects can be very equipment intensive, but BMA Media Group’s award-winning Video Department has seamlessly picked up their projects and moved to a “work from home” set up.

As little as 10 years ago, this may have been a different kind of challenge, but thanks to fast internet, we’re able to transfer files, remotely access our edit suite workstations and collaborate via video conferencing and screen sharing.

BMA-Video Production-Lee2

In the short time since we’ve been asked to “shelter in place,” I’ve been able to cull and edit thousands of photos, including client headshots, write blogs, make edits to previously completed videos and edit commercial spots for our union clients. Short of video/photo shoots, we’re operating at the same capacity we were before the virus came stateside. Of course, I miss being in a broadcast quality edit suite!

Houses transform to offices as BMA Media team continues working on union projects

At our house, from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., the dining room table has been transformed into the family work station. My wife and I have our laptops and tablets set up in clear view of our two little boys who have been working on their screentime skills along with karate moves. We take turns tending to the boys depending on who has a phone/conference call. We’ve even developed hand signals to let each other know if we are in the middle of a call or an edit.

BMA-Video Production-LeeWorking alongside my wife has been a big positive through all of this. She works as a Brand and Audience Development Manager for a local News Station. Being able to bounce ideas off of someone who works in a similar industry has proven to be a great asset.

This is an interesting change for me -- someone who spends vast amounts of time a week alone editing videos and creating motion graphics. As a video editor, I’ve been practicing social distancing for my entire career… so working from home has actually brought me closer to people throughout the day.

If anything will be learned through all of this, even when the worst is thrown at us, we can still serve our clients.

Through the recommended "shelter in place" social distancing, our BMA Media Group team is still working together, on all projects and with all of our current clients.

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Lee Sechrist

Written by Lee Sechrist