BMA Media Group dives into at-home office life with our video editor

With the current state of the world, I find myself not going into BMA Media headquarters everyday. Instead, I’m working from home. For some professions this presents considerable logistical problems, but for those of us in digital media, it only creates a slight inconvenience.

With my home editing studio, I am able to continue to work and be productive while safely staying home, watching my kids and staying “sheltered in place” to hopefully help stop the spread of this awful virus in its tracks.

Also, if I do say so myself, the new commute to work is awesome! It's just a few minutes of travel time to get to my computer at 8 a.m. Today I was a few seconds delayed due to a jack-knifed Great Dane, Harold, in the main hallway, but a quick detour got me to work on time.

BMA- Video production- Harold the dog

COVID-19 obstacles can’t stop BMA Media video production from serving unions

The fact that our children are also home from school creates an interesting dynamic, but I am learning that some impromptu "kid breaks" during the day can really help with creativity when you sit back down to do your work.

I truly hope this all ends sooner than later, but I am happy that BMA is taking this seriously and is doing the right thing to help keep everyone safe. I feel fortunate that by working from home, I am able to stay on top of our video production schedule and will be able to slide right back into the groove once we can return to the office. I really hope this clears up before our many upcoming production shoots and events, but obviously I know we have to be smart and do the safest thing for everyone.BMA - video production - snack time

Be Smart! Stay safe!

P.S.: Today my lovely daughter, Bea, brought me a snack, even though it was only 9 a.m., and I really had no need for potato chips.

Through the recommended "shelter in place" social distancing, our BMA Media Group team is still working together, on all projects and with all of our current clients.

You can learn more about some of our union services here: event services from writing the history of your union to executing the logistics of an event, scripting and shooting for videos, design and create websites, customizing full marketing campaigns, creation and placement of advertising, produce and engage on social media channels, development of print materials, industry education, public relations and crisis management, sourcing and purchasing of merchandise, as well as entire strategies for branding and marketing of union organizations.

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Steve Cinch

Written by Steve Cinch