For more than 50 years, the Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council has tirelessly advocated for employment opportunities possible by joining any of its affiliated unions in the building trades. 

When it came time to more actively promote an award-winning, skills-building program launched in conjunction with local government officials, the Council knew it was imperative to trust a team as equally invested in the push for strong union jobs. 

Award-winning in its own right, the video department that is integral to Labor Tools, powered by BMA Media Group, was hired to produce the video recruitment tool to highlight the Columbus Building Futures program, a partnership between the C/COBCTC, Franklin County and the Columbus Urban League

The video highlights the program’s 12-week course and explains how it has proven instrumental in helping members of underserved communities overcome challenges and learn life and basic construction skills to prepare for an apprenticeship — and, ultimately, a rewarding and challenging career in the building trades. 

The aim of the video project is to help educate the public about the Building Futures program and the efforts made by the region’s construction trades to invest in diversity and nurture opportunities within communities that have long been economically disenfranchised. The video features several interviews with men and women who have either successfully completed or are currently enrolled in the program, as well as Franklin County Commissioners. 

The video also features Dorsey Hager, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the C/COBCTC, who discussed the Building Futures program with Ed “Flash” Ferenc on America’s Work Force Union Podcast — a BMA Media Group production — last year. You can listen to part of that interview here:

This will be the second video the BMA team has created for the C/COBCTC following the 2017 production of “Seize the Opportunity,” which showcased the work of its 19 affiliated Local Unions and District Councils. The branding video explains how the union members are entrenched in the ongoing efforts in Central Ohio to rebuild and expand the region’s infrastructure and other critical and high profile construction projects, in response to the area’s resurgent population boom. 

So that the influence of skilled labor may continue to grow along with the region’s economic opportunities, BMA Media Group is proud to help promote the important work of our union friends like the Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council. 

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Matt Jaworski

Written by Matt Jaworski