When you hear print, we understand you might think this is an outdated strategy that some consider obsolete, but with a creative team, powerful message and strong partnership, Labortools powered by BMA Media Group can leverage print products to grow your brand awareness.  

Brand awareness is critical in the sense that it relates to your organization being seen and noticed from all audiences that you wish to reach.

So, how does this correlate to print marketing then?

At BMA, we can redesign an already established brand or create one for you. Print marketing correlates with brand awareness as it directly addresses your audience, while encouraging them to act.

BMA works with union-driven printers in order to provide you with print material that can help solidify your brand so you can successfully recruit new members or improve your membership communication.

Whether you’re at a Local District or International level, BMA has worked with all levels of union construction for more than 25 years. We can help create print materials that send a powerful message.

What steps do I need to take?

We don’t want print marketing to be another task on your “To Do” list.

Here are simple steps to begin creating print materials for your organization;

  • Find a comfortable budget
  • Tell us your story
  • Clarify your purpose and audience
  • Review the print pieces we create and provide feedback
  • Engage your audience with effective print materials

We know membership communication is critical to you and your organization, which is why our designers and marketing department work to amplify your message on a unique, creative and engaging level.

Do you want to learn about how you use print marketing to engage your ideal audience? When you’re ready, reach out to us!

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Colleen Langham

Written by Colleen Langham