LaborTools, powered by BMA Media Group, was recently contracted to help an international union create a targeted recruitment campaign, that used both print and digital strategies.

This campaign served a dual purpose by not only helping the international organize non-union tradesmen and tradeswomen, but also allowed the client to directly compare a traditional campaign against a digital campaign.

BMA developed all aspects of the targeted organizing campaign, including the following components:

  • Styleguide
  • Logo
  • Brand
  • Theme
  • Micro-website
  • Newspaper ads
  • Monthly results report

The traditional campaign consisted of a one time full-page, full-color newspaper run in three markets designated by the client. The ads directed readers to visit the campaign’s website for more information.

For the same cost as the one-day print ad, the digital campaign was able to run for 8 months on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google in the same three regions where the newspaper ads were published.

When the campaigns concluded, the digital campaign exceeded all expectations, resulting in 116 times more applications compared to the published newspaper ad. Both campaigns spent

roughly the same amount of money, but the digital campaign ran for more than half the year, compared to the one-day newspaper ads.

In the end, the client had overwhelming evidence to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of digital advertising. They have since launched a new digital advertising for another organizing campaign.

Does your organization need help with an organizing campaign? Reach out to BMA for more information, so we can help create a campaign that will meet your needs.


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BMA Media Group Staff

Written by BMA Media Group Staff

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