LaborTools powered by BMA Media Group successfully completed a :30 video for the United Association Pipe Welders campaign.

As part of the project, BMA produced an initial five-minute video for YouTube and the Pipe Welder’s website. Our video production staff then produced an additional :30 second commercial to advertise this recruitment campaign on YouTube.

These exceptional videos were made possible with the help of our partners at the UA, who got our video crew onsite at the UA Local 597 Midwest Training Center. While at the training center, the LaborTools staff conducted multiple interviews and shot a variety of footage, which included individuals welding pipe.

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Our BMA video production staff is experienced in shooting video on construction projects and in training centers. They understand the work being performed by tradesmen and tradeswomen and take great pride in capturing footage that has just the right look to create an impactful, yet artistically shot product to represent our client, while showing real life people working hard on the jobsite.

BMA was involved in all aspects of the Pipe Welders video, from pre-production and shooting to post-production work in order to complete this project. Some elements that guide our video process includes storyboarding, video organization structure, script writing, the creation of graphics and text and implementing a slow motion video effect.

Once the video was approved by the UA, the BMA team still had work do. As part of a digital advertising campaign, BMA uploaded the videos to YouTube and added them the to the website, helping driving traffic to the site and increasing enrollment to the UA Pipe Welders organizing campaign.

Thanks to the relationship built with the UA, our video team was able to push their creative limits and exceeded expectations.

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BMA Media Group Staff

Written by BMA Media Group Staff

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