Using technology in order to provide union with high-quality apprentices

When working on a project detailing a specific industry, you can make your job a lot easier by going straight to the experts. Which is why LaborTools powered by BMA Media Group called upon the Coleman Spohn Corporation to be part of the apprenticeship recruitment videos we are currently creating for the UA International Training Fund.

The Cleveland-based Coleman Spohn Corp. is one of the most well-respected mechanical contracting firms in the Midwest and an integral part of the city’s renaissance. Some of Cleveland’s most iconic landmarks – Quicken Loans Arena, Progressive Field, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Key Tower, among many others – bear the Coleman Spohn signature.

On Monday, March 24, our green room studio was buzzing with activity when we hosted the firm’s Lonnie Coleman and Willie Wilson as we begin the final stages of completing the comprehensive set of recruitment videos in the works for months.

Apprentices will be inspired by Lonnie Coleman’s career advancement, from a summer job as a pipefitter to becoming the founder, president and CEO of one of the leading industry firms. His story is a perfect example of the endless possibilities made available by an apprenticeship within the piping trades.   

“I saw the apprenticeship program as a next step that would allow me to get to the next level,” said Coleman. “At the beginning, you have no idea what the trade is about, and every year you are learning a little bit more and a little bit more about that trade, until eventually you graduate and are able to elevate your life.”

Coleman also discussed the need for the UA to attract higher quality apprenticeship candidates due to the industry’s increasing dependence on evolving, complex IT and computer technologies.

“With the way technology is going we are going to continue to see improvements in our industry,” said Coleman, “and that’s going to require our new apprentices to become that much more adept at adopting these new technologies as they come to the forefront of our industry.”


The interviews we conducted with Coleman and Wilson will prove to be a powerful addition to the overall recruitment campaign. The chance to get Wilson’s perspective as a journeyman and Coleman’s perspective as a business owner in the industry was enlightening and added depth to the project.

Stay tuned to LaborTools to see the completed UA ITF video project.  

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Laura Ziemianski

Written by Laura Ziemianski