In order to share the value of what they do on a daily basis with the communities they serve, IBEW Local 104, working with LaborTools, powered by BMA Media Group decided to create a 30 second TV spot that would make it clear that they deliver a valuable service to their communities, day in and day out. 


BMA wanted to let the public know who was responsible for keeping the electrical grid up and running. BMA knew that while power is something everyone needs, the men and women who do the hard work of keeping the power on often go unnoticed. BMA brought visibility to these often invisible heroes, by creating a strong theme that would identify the brothers and sisters of Local 104 as those heroes. Because of this Labor Tools decided on a strong theme for the spot: "We Keep the Power On."



From concept and script, to production and post-production, BMA Media Group handled all aspects of the production and distribution of the advertisement on behalf of IBEW Local 104.  

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BMA Media Group Staff

Written by BMA Media Group Staff

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